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We recognize that quality is a never-ending process of improvement aiming at complete customer satisfaction and conformance to their changing requirements. We develop and sustain our quality system emphasizing total employee involvement, teamwork, break through thinking, judicious resource allocation, creative problem solving, constancy of purpose, and the determination to succeed.

Machine Shop Jobs

Machining of 36” WNRF flange schedule

Fabrication of Spectacle Blinds for the pipe line of 46 “ NB in one piece without any weld joints with flange serration.

Flanges and fitting for Oil and gas pipelines.

Machining of flange schedule.

Manufacturing of spectacle blinds

Other Machine shop activities

  • Machining of all types of flanges to modify the flange schedules, beveling of the same up to the diameter of 3000mm, Machining of all types of fittings as such Tee, 90 degree elbow, and all other fittings
  • Fabrication of SORF flanges as per the client requirement with HIS tested plates, stockiest of SA516GR70 plates up to 140mm.
  • Fabrication of orifice flanges.
  • Machining of all type of rope drums , shafts , hydraulic cylinders etc.
  • RFabrication of precision equipment and machinery , such as hydraulic repair and maintenance control valves refurbishment, hard facing and machining , thermal spraying etc.
  • Fabrication and machining of fish plates for heavy generators mounting.
  • Fabrication of all types of J bolts and Studs and nuts for large sizes.
  • All types of shaping and milling , gear cutting with harden materials.
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